Plastic Injection Moulder Insurance

Finding the right plastic injection moulder insurance can be awkward.

You want to find the very best cover available but you don't have hours to spare to search the dozens of policies that are available. You want to ensure you benefit from the right type of cover but you also want to be sure you are paying a competitive price. And, not only do you need cover that adequately protects your business, but you also need protection that is specific to your industry.

We tick all these boxes. At BBi Horsham, we specialise in providing tailored insurance cover. You can trust us to help you find the right manufacturer insurance at a competitive price.

40 years experience in finding the right plastic injection moulder insurance

We have been helping companies like yours find the right manufacturer insurance for over four decades. We have specialist knowledge of your industry and so we make finding the right cover child's play.

Common risks covered under insurance for plastic injection moulders include:

  • Public liability insurance - this covers accidental loss or damage to property in the course of your business or caused by the nature or condition of something sold or supplied by your business
  • Business contents - this covers your plant, machinery and stock against fire, storm, flood, explosion, theft and malicious damage
  • Seasonal stock insurance - Often included with insurance for plastic injection moulders, seasonal stock insurance gives you an increase in your insurance cover at certain times of the year when seasonal increases in business would render the existing sum insufficient
  • Business interruption insurance - this helps you remain in business by covering loss of profits and reasonable expenditure incurred as a result of a loss covered under your plastic injection moulder insurance policy

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