Double Glazer Insurance

Do you have specialist double glazer insurance? If the answer is 'no', your business could be at risk. If the answer is 'yes', when was the last time you checked to see if you were paying over the odds?

Many insurance companies only offer general insurance policies when what you really need is a specialist contract designed to cover the specific risks to your business.

That's where we can help you. We offer specialist tradesman insurance designed for your company and for your budget.

Whether you supply or install double glazing - or perhaps your company does both - you can trust us to find the right double glazer insurance for you.

Four decades experience providing insurance for double glazers

Every business is different. That is why we like to find out all about you and your company and establish exactly what protection you need. Some tradesman insurance is required by law whilst other cover can be arranged to reflect the specific risks to your business.

Double glazer insurance includes cover such as:

  • Public Liability insurance - protecting yourself against claims from the public (for example, you damage someone's car with a pane of glass)
  • Employers Liability insurance - protecting all your employees against claims whilst they are working for you (for example, an employee may fall off a ladder whilst installing a glazing unit)
  • Commercial vehicle/motor fleet insurance - this protects your commercial vehicles against theft or damage
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance - often included with insurance for double glazers, this protects you against a range of risks, such as the theft of tools or hired plant from a site.

Get in touch with us now to have a chat about all your double glazer insurance requirements. Ring our specialists on (01403) 751330 or just click the link below.

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