Bricklayer Insurance

We know it can be tough to find the right bricklayer insurance. Every bricklaying and construction company is different and so trying to find cover for your specific needs isn't always easy.

So, just as your clients turn to you when they need a specialist team, you can turn to us to find the right policy. With over 40 years experience in tradesman insurance, we can find comprehensive cover at a low price.

Whether your turnover is in the thousands or the millions, we can help you. We specialise in finding insurance for bricklayers and we can help you build the protection you need for your business.

40 years experience in finding the right bricklayer insurance

Our job is to listen to you and to find out exactly what cover your business needs. We can then tailor a tradesman insurance policy to your specific requirements. And, we will make sure we obtain the very best price for your cover.

Common risks covered under bricklayer insurance include:

  • Bricklayers Public Liability insurance - protecting you from any liabilities from a third party for damage to their property or bodily injury that may occur during the normal operation of your business - for example a falling brick lands on a car
  • Tools Insurance - often included with insurance for bricklayers, protecting you against the theft of your specialist, expensive bricklaying tools
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance - this protects you against a range of risks, for example the cost of rebuilding a wall after the one you have constructed is damaged by bad weather

Get in touch with us today to have a chat about all your bricklayer insurance requirements. For a no obligation quote, ring our specialists now on (01403) 751330 or, alternatively, simply click the link below.

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