Artexer Insurance

Artexing is a specialist profession and so it is vital that you have the right artexer insurance. Whatever type of artexing services you offer, it is crucial that you have the right type of tradesman insurance for your individual business.

You will probably have valuable tools and machinery. You may also have high value commercial vehicles and equipment. And, you may have employees or subcontractors working for you. So, it is important that you are adequately insured.

With over 40 years experience in arranging insurance for artexers, we can help you find the very best insurance cover at a great price.

Helping you to find the right artexer insurance

Whatever the size of your company and your particular area of expertise, we will find the right insurance protection for you. You can trust us to find comprehensive cover at an affordable price, giving you the peace of mind that all the risks to your business are covered.

We will help you find specialist artexers insurance which covers risks including:

  • Public Liability insurance - this covers accidental loss or damage to the public or their property caused through your work or your business
  • Employers Liability insurance - this protects you against claims made by your employees whilst they are working for you (for example, one of your employees may fall off a ladder whilst on a job)
  • Tools insurance - Often included with insurance for artexers, this protects you against theft of your specialist tools when working on a client's premises

With four decades' experience, we can find the right artexer insurance for you. Click the link below or call us now on (01403) 751330.

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